Our Membership division is responsible for activities related to recruiting, reclaiming, and retaining members; organization of new clubs; new member orientation; and any other activities related to membership.


The Projects division is responsible for activities related to community service and improvement; safety; education; patriotism; international relations; Pilot International endorsed projects; assistance to people who are aged, needy or have disabilities; and any other projects.  The Executive Committee must approve any national or international project sponsored by a Club. or


Fundraising is responsible for activities that generate funds to finance the club operations, projects and youth activities.  Profits from fundraisers for designated service projects must be spent for that purpose. or


The Anchor division is responsible for all activities related to Anchor.

Special Committees

Committees may be established to support special activities sponsored by Pilot International, the District or by Club officers.

The Playground committee was setup to handle aspects for the Kidz Korner Playland. or

The Scholarship committee is setup each year to review and select our scholarship recipient.

General Information

If you do not know what division you need to contact, please use our general information below so your question can be routed to the appropriate division.